Cosmetic Facial Surgery Valencia

Cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery is an excellent way to give the face a more harmonious youthful appearance. Aging and disease can worsen appearance and inhibit vision. Eyelid and facial surgery can reverse the aging changes and enhance lives. The doctors at Eyesthetica are very knowledgeable about the facial skeleton, soft tissue muscle and fat, and skin. They provide an individually tailored approach to each patient’s face:

For skin, the doctors frequently recommend laser resurfacing or chemical peels.

For facial wrinkling, the doctors of Eyesthetica use neurotoxins like Botox and perform youth enhancing surgeries.

For soft tissue problems, the doctors  lift tissue, repair muscles, excise bulging fat or add volume to the face with fillers or fat

For skeleton problems, the doctors will address bony abnormalities

Dr. Burnstine and his team at Eyesthetica of Valencia supply patients and their families with both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery around the eyes.

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