Double Eyelid Surgery Valencia

Double eyelid surgery involves reshaping skin surrounding the eye to create a crease within the eyelid. Asian women and men decide to have this procedure to prevent future eye issues, rejuvenate their appearance or to achieve a desired look.

A patient’s face becomes brighter, more energized and youthful looking. Individuals with Asian eyes carry a similar shape, but the delicate features are diverse. Some people have a natural crease while others do not.

The double eyelid procedure includes placing specific incisions, sutures and removing a small portion of the Orbicularis Oculi muscle. This process is very effective and recovery does not take an overwhelming amount of time.

Some professionals do not recommend the surgery unless completely necessary, but reducing your tired, ragged look may boost your confidence, improve self esteem and enhance how others perceive you. Certain professions demand specific physical features and the double eye lid surgery can help you reach your goals.

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