Eye Lift Valencia

An eye lift is performed for a number of reasons, including when skin begins to droop because of aging. This causes a person to look tired and older than their actual age. More extreme cases interfere with vision as loose skin collects and drops into the field of vision.

When this happens to lower eyelids, a puffy and tired look results. During an initial consultation, Eyesthetica surgeons in Valencia meet with a patient to discuss their main concerns and goals from the procedure. Our goal is complete patient satisfaction.

During surgery on the lower eyelid, a small incision is made near the outer edge of the eyelid. The technique performed on an upper eyelid requires an incision made in the crease.

Skin is reshaped to provide a youthful outcome. The incisions are very small, surgery is not rushed and bruising is usually minimal during recovery.

Other conditions resolved from an eye lift include under-eye hallows, bags and puffiness, eyelid wrinkling and also hooding of the upper eyelid. Schedule a consultation with our surgeon at Eyesthetica in Valencia by calling (213) 234-1000.

Eye Lift Valencia

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